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Built in 1857, Christiane & Antoine Perrier bought the house of La Cheminée back in 1970. It was a family farm at this time.


Christiane decided, in parallel to its farming activity, to rent cottages to tourists. In 1978, they built a new barn in the nearby village and can then embark on the renovation of the stables. Four apartments were rented full time and five were reserved for short-term rental.


After thirty years managing alone, Christiane handed it over to her daughters a few year ago.

The five Perrier's daughters (Danièle, Brigitte, Nadine, Mary Agnes and Nathalie) are now in charge. The have decided to mainly focus on tourism and short term rentals.


A lot of work has been done to renovate the house. The old barn has been converted into beautiful cottages available for rent throughout the year. They pool their energies, expertise and enthusiasm to carry out their family project.


After months of work and a lot of sweat, three new lodges are born and two are renovated. So what are you waiting for to come and visit? 

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